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Logo NC Marmi

The beauty of marble made lighter...

All the beauty and the resistance of marble weighting 70% less

NC Marmi has applied aeronautical technology to marble to give the material incredible lightness while maintaining strength, beauty and brightness.
Light marble is perfect for luxury craft like yachts and mega-yachts because it embellished interiors and furnishing, floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen counter tops, showed bases, ceilings, table and furniture with marble, onyx and natural stone ensure resistance and lightness at the same time, fundamental characteristics for the nautical sector.

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NC MARMI participates in the restoration of the mosaics of Aquileia referring to the materials used by the Romans.


NC Marmi produces marble furnishing for the nautical sector, particularly for yachts and super yachts.

NC Marmi execute every day needs of the furniture industry with refined details of craftsmanship. Aldo Cazzullo

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