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Light-weight marble

The beauty of marble made lighter...
All the beauty and the resistance of marble weighting 70% less.

What it is
Lighter and more resistant with an infinite range of applications.

NC Marmi applied aeronautical technology to marble to give the material incredible lightness while maintaining the nature beauty and brightness: the result is maximum flexibility of application.

Light-weight marble is composed of a thin or very thin slab of marble (a minimum of 3mm) coupled with aluminium structural support (derived from aeronautical technology) or closed cell supports that lower the weight of the slab while maintaining, if not actuall increasing, the physical properties of the marble: great resistance to bending and compression and a reduction of weight by up to 70%.

Marble 20 mm of thickness = 50-56 kg/square metre
Light-weight marble 20 mm of thickness = 18-30 kg/square metre

Main uses of light-weight marble
Light marble is perfect for luxury craft like yachts and mega-yachts because it embellished interiors and furnishing, floors, walls, bathroom and kitchen countertops, showers, ceilings, tables and furniture with marble, onyx and natural stone ensure resistance and lightness at the same time, fundamental characteristics for the nautical sector.

NC Marmi transforms the most valuable stone materials into unique creations of exceptional lightness, elegance and exclusivity, perfect for lifts, ventilated walls and all environments where the use of marble would otherwise be impossible.